Míthuiscintí a imréiteach
Bacinní a bhriseadh
Comhtháthuí a chur chur cinn
Clearing up misunderstandings
Breaking barriers
Promoting integration
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Kerry Islamic out reach society has been primarily set up for clearing misconceptions, integrating with the community and to promote inter faith dialogues in order to break the rumours about Islam by providing authentic evidence based information.

Our aim is to bring all communities together with mututal respect and help the most needy of the community ie elderly and children as per commanded in Islam.

About Us

Our Mission

Kerry Islamic Outreach Society (KIOS) is a Community Voluntary organization registered with Kerry county Council. It was established in 2013.

KIOS has been primarily set up for dispelling myths regarding Islam, promoting integration and to enhance interfaith dialogues in order to break the rumours about Islam by providing authentic evidence based information.

Our mission is to clear misconceptions about Islam by providing evidence based information. Bringing all communities together with mutual respect and help the most needy of the community as per commanded in Islam.

Our Aim

Our aim primarily involves working with in the community towards various projects in order to help the most needy people of the community which are elderly and children with special needs.

Since 2013, we have successfully organised various events and participated in several events to promote charity, awareness and education on various topics.

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The Kerry Islamic outreach center will start receiving donations for our brothers & sisters affected by the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria

Every Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 2 pm for a period of two weeks only. We only accept heavy winter clothes and we would appreciate if it was new. Please abide by these conditions to make the task easier for us. Required clothes:
Winter coats for men, women and children.
Gloves and winter hats for women, men and children.
Socks for women, men and children.
Winter clothes and pyjamas for women, men and children.
Winter shoes for women, men and children.
Diapers for children and adults.
Baby formula.
hygienic supplies.

Please deliver these donations to the Islamic center (kios) on the days and hours mentioned above. We thank you for your assistance and cooperation with us and with the people affected by this disaster 🙏

Drop off point :
7 Maine st, Balloonagh, tralee co. Kerry. V92 HCOH
Email: kerry islamicoutreach@gmail.com


Below you can find the list of services and facilities
provided by the KIOS.


Kerry Islamic Outreach Society (KIOS) offers the following services:

1) Arranging educational and social visits to the schools and colleges. We have a group of volunteers who can visit educational institution to talk about the Islamic faith and Muslim Culture. The visits can be catered for the needs of the institutions and students. Please contact us for booking and further information.

2) Literature Request: If you would like information about Islam and Muslims we can provide them in different formats to cater to your needs.

3)  We have literature and multimedia on basics of Islam, comparative religion, science & Islam, history and many more topics.

Youth activities

As a muslim we belive that youth years is the most important period of life.

The young people can make the difference, because they are the backbone of a nation and can build a bright future for society based on values ​​and courageous behavior.

Kerry Islamic Outreach Society (KIOS) offers the following activitis for the youth:

1) We gave them the Knowledge of the basic fundamentals of the teachings of Islam and Allah's guidance through the right sources.

2) We have established a Young Muslim Men’s Group. They meet weekly. It offers young men a place to learn new skills, bond with each other, and contribute to their communities. Initially, it starts off as simply a weekly game of table tennis, followed by pizza, and ending with prayer and a short Islamic reminder. Non Muslim friends are also are welcomed.

3)  Teach them the right way to express their views about issues they care about.

Islamic information

Kerry Islamic Outreach Society always try their best to deliver evidence based authentic islamic information:

1) If you would like to obtain any information about Islam and Muslims we can provide it in different formats to cater to your needs.

2) We have literature and multimedia on basics of Islam, comparative religion, science & Islam, history and many more topics.

3)  In order to provide islamic informations and to clear misconceptions, we strongly believe in conversation and dialogue. Therefore we organise islamic information stall in the town square where any one can approach a volunteer regarding their query about islam.


KIOS has been involved in more than a dozen projects since its establishment in 2013.

Our annual islamic cultural exhibition has been successfully running for the past three years which received both local and national coverage. Various state persons and politicians attended our exhibitions along with large number of local community friends and their family. Having a very family friendly theme made this exhibition always a first choice of that weekend among the families.

Our annual county clean up at town square in association with KWD has been extremely successful .

Bi yearly Banna beach cleaning have made KIOS a front runner volunteer group for this noble project. Now dates has been usually discussed with us along with Coastline care team before launching the event and dates. 

Summer tidy town campaign for street cleaning was one of the earliest projects which had been taken onboard by KIOS. On the behalf of this project we have been granted with Merit Award by Kerry County Council in 2014. 

Apart form above events KIOS has been involved in Red Cross Kerry educational sessions, Enable Ireland fund raising campaign, Women Refuge fund raising , Animal help net fund raising and many more. For further info , please visit our face book page at kerry islamic outreach society.

Below you can find the list of community services
provided by the KIOS.

Community Services

Volunteer service

Kerry Islamic Outreach Society (KIOS) has been established to serve the wider community.

Volunteering is the lifeblood of any community. It is because of volunteers that communities are able to run organizations, social services, conferences, playgroups, drop-in centers, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, open libraries, run schools, set up blood banks, and the list goes on. Paid employees only make up a small part of the social services network; without volunteers such endeavors would come to a standstill.

In KIOS there is a strong ethos of volunteerism. This does not simply extend to running study circles or fundraising. As a volunteer, we see our role as world citizens. We aim to work for a better society which extend to the broader whole community.


Homelessness is a very important issue in our country

Homelessness is a very important issue in our country and its on rise. It can mean sleeping rough, staying in emergency hostels or shelters, staying in temporary bed and breakfast accommodation or staying with friends and relatives when there is nowhere else to go. Homelessness is all of these things. For people experiencing homelessness it is about a lack of security, a lack of belonging and often about being cold, sick and isolated.

Kerry Islamic Outreach has been helping Arlington house in Tralee especially during festive seasons and other time of the year to bring smile on the face of those unfortunate people. We strongly believe that they are a part of community and need our love and affection. During last winter we gather up with local friends and volunteers and collected dozens of clothes and utensils for them. That was highly appreciate by Arlington house Tralee as well. 


Our children - Our Future

Children has been an integral part of our society and family make up. KIOS emphasise immensely on the children nurturing and well-being in the society. It ranges from their physical health to mental health. KIOS does multiple children activities on a weekly basis in order to provide free and safe entertainment to the children and their families.

At KIOS, we believe that a good family make up can be achieved by having happy healthy children. Educating children in a fun manner is important and we achieve it with various methods. Children activities include weekly circle, weekly football, and weekly educational circles. Monthly girls parties & monthly boys play station night has been hugely popular among them. Activities during holidays and festivals has been highly appreciated by the community members.


Respecting the elderly and honouring them are characteristics of healthy society

Caring for the elderly has been integral part of KIOS mission. Providing care, love and kindness to the elderly make society more cooperative and integrating well with mutual support.

KIOS has been involved in elderly care in the community for the past years. Our project for winters was very successful where we provided warm clothes and accessaries in the elderly care centre.

Hospital Visit

Visiting sick children and bringing smiles:

Visiting sick children and bringing smiles on their faces is a very rewarding act. KIOS ethos includes happy children which is our next generation. 

Hospital visit with volunteers in a popular characters of cartoon loaded with gifts for the sick children is a program which will be launched in near future by KIOS.


Charity - bringing positive change

Kerry Islamic outreach has been instrumental since its establishment towards helping the needy in the society. Charity work has been one of the primary aims of KIOS. We have been successfully working with various community groups for several charity projects. It ranges from helping the children through enable Ireland along with many other charity projects including animal welfare, homeless personal, elderly care , women care , refugee care and many more . We firmly believe that charity work and giving charity is not optional but obligatory in order to bring positive change in the society.

Women refuge

Domestic violence accounts for about 16% of recorded violent crime in UK.

1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in their lifetime.

Abuse is not limited to any one group. It occurs in families from every financial, educational and faith background. KIOS has been working with Adapt women refuge Tralee over past one year. Our 2015 islamic cultural exhibition benefieciary was Adapt. During festive season along with the community volunteers , toys and gifts were gathered for the affected mothers and children at the Adapt centre.




( May the mercy, peace and blessings of Allah be upon you )

Assalamuailakum wa rahmatullah dear brothers This campaign is on hold now so please do not bring any more donations. Turkish Embassy is more than full as I send the pictures and video yesterday and we have already informed Radio Kerry this morning and they have already relate the latest news.

Dr. Rizwan

Tralee Tidy Town

Our Tidy Town Program

Mosque puzzle game

Masjid/Mosque puzzle game at Kerry Islamic Outreach Centre.

Princess of Jannah week

Kerry Islamic Outreach Youth week

2nd Islamic Cultural Exhibition at Brandon Hotel , Tralee

5 Pillars of Islam - part 1

Our Tidy Town Program

5 Pillars of Islam - part 2

We always like to join peaceful marches and protests.

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