Míthuiscintí a imréiteach
Bacinní a bhriseadh
Comhtháthuí a chur chur cinn

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Our youth Activites

As a muslim we belive that youth years is the most important period of life.

The young people can make the difference, because they are the backbone of a nation and can build a bright future for society based on values ​​and courageous behavior.

Kerry Islamic Outreach Society (KIOS) offers the following activitis for the youth:

1) We gave them the Knowledge of the basic fundamentals of the teachings of Islam and Allah's guidance through the right sources.

2) We have established a Young Muslim Men’s Group. They meet weekly. It offers young men a place to learn new skills, bond with each other, and contribute to their communities. Initially, it starts off as simply a weekly game of table tennis, followed by pizza, and ending with prayer and a short Islamic reminder. Non Muslim friends are also are welcomed.

3)  Teach them the right way to express their views about issues they care about.

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