Míthuiscintí a imréiteach
Bacinní a bhriseadh
Comhtháthuí a chur chur cinn

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Our children - Our Future

Children has been an integral part of our society and family make up. KIOS emphasise immensely on the children nurturing and well-being in the society. It ranges from their physical health to mental health. KIOS does multiple children activities on a weekly basis in order to provide free and safe entertainment to the children and their families.

At KIOS, we believe that a good family make up can be achieved by having happy healthy children. Educating children in a fun manner is important and we achieve it with various methods. Children activities include weekly circle, weekly football, and weekly educational circles. Monthly girls parties & monthly boys play station night has been hugely popular among them. Activities during holidays and festivals has been highly appreciated by the community members.

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